Tomorrow I’ll be in Gloucester taping a cooking video.  Taking the show on the road brings out the dormant caterer in me.  Recipes and packing lists and cheat sheets – here’s a sample of what it takes to get ready, from the advance cooking of an entire meal to remembering to pack up every utensil and piece of equipment I own.


the ever-morphing packing list and a raft of recipe notes


a clean cooler, the lynchpin of the operation

neatly packed salt, peppers, and herbs

there's no such thing as too many storage containers

some pantry staples

a corkscrew, among other things, because of course the lambic beer has a cork

aforementioned lambic – raspberry – for braising

manzanilla sherry, also for braising, because more liquor is better than less

a large spool of kitchen twine

one tied roast for braising today

the second piece of lamb – tied, packaged, and ready for braising on camera tomorrow

the aromatics for the braise: onions, leeks, garlic

roots and bulbs (carrots, parsnips, fennel) ready to make a roasted side dish


©2011  Jane A. Ward