Some of you know that a few years ago I and several other cooks, chefs, and food and beverage enthusiasts began filming cooking videos to accompany print recipes in the online versions of some newspapers. After these few years of filming with a great group of people, I can tell you that everyone I have worked with is passionate about bringing food and cooking information into peoples’ homes in a direct but personal, helpful way. I’m no exception. What I have come to like most about making the videos is knowing that a little visual instruction can help a home cook interpret and understand a written recipe. The video adds another dimension and also another tool in the kitchen. Armed with these visuals, I believe folks can be more confident when trying a new food or technique.

My wonderful colleagues recently launched, their video recipe compendium, the one place where you can go to find out how to make anything you’d like. Think visually enhanced Epicurious. Or instead of thinking about it, head on over to to check out what videos are being featured for summer. You can get some grilling tips or learn how to make a classic coleslaw for your July 4th cookout or even watch someone assemble an easy but patriotic (think red, white, and blue) ice cream cake. You can also like on Facebook and get their updates daily.

If the video recipes aren’t great enough, will be broadcasting – live on the website – a weekly food chat show every Wednesday between 12 noon and 2 pm. Last week viewers were treated to lively discussions about making all kinds pie, from this season’s strawberry rhubarb to the Québécois meat pie called Tourtière.

Tomorrow’s topic is Gluten Free Pasta: how it is made, using it in recipes, and much more. Do you eat gluten free? Or do you know someone who does, and you would like to become more knowledgeable? If so, I hope you will tune in to tomorrow, Wednesday, any time between 12 and 2 pm and listen to the chat. Spend as much time with the host and guest as you can. Clicking on the banner above will get you there.


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