Leek and Pecan Stuffing

A reader made a request early this morning for my stuffing recipe.  Such perfect timing!  Only moments before she asked, I learned the recipe and cooking video had gone online.

The stuffing is an adaptation of one made by Ana Sortun of Cambridge’s acclaimed Oleana restaurant.  At first glance it seems to be a simple bread stuffing.  But Sortun’s Middle Eastern-spiced broth adds a notable depth of flavor, and the leeks are so delicate and sweet.

For my interpretation of the dish, I swapped Sortun’s walnuts for pecans and reduced a lot of the fat in the recipe by removing a good deal of the butter and substituting a lesser amount of grapeseed oil for the walnut oil.  (When best quality, the walnut oil called for in the original version is delicious, but good quality walnut oils are not always easy to find.  Poor quality or rancid walnut oils will ruin your dish.)

The grapeseed oil I chose to replace the original recipe’s butter and walnut oil is light and pleasant tasting, allowing the spices to shine, and is also both healthy and environmentally friendly.  It is made from seeds of grapes that have gone through the winemaking process and would otherwise be discarded.

You’ll find the recipe and cooking video here.