A Writer at Home: Stuffing and Other Things

The cooking was under control and suddenly I had nothing pressing to do.  I made tea and relaxed.

That was yesterday, Thanksgiving Day, not a day known for several relaxing moments alone in the kitchen.  But I found myself with several, and I enjoyed them.  It felt wonderful.

Our dinner for four was simple: mushroom-leek soup, turkey, pan gravy, shredded brussels sprouts sauteed with bacon, stuffing.  No potatoes, orange or white; no out-of-season green beans, en casserole or au naturel.  We gave thanks – for family, for our dog, for being ourselves, for making it through the year.  I hope you had as nice a day.

Here’s a glimpse into the holiday here, through photos.

The wines

The dark meat plate

The white meat plate

The stuffing (Find my version of Ana Sortun’s Leek-Pecan-Bread stuffing recipe in the archives, here.)

The individual gravy boats, empty and waiting to be cleared

The pumpkin pie

The pecan (which became fleur de sel caramel-pecan with chocolate ganache)

©2010  Jane A. Ward