Cooking from the Farms: Kitchen Update

We’ll be at the Vermont Cheese Festival in Shelburne, Vermont on Sunday the 25th.  Will I see any of you there?

The meatless meals that sparked the standoff

(I say “standoff” only to sound dramatic.  Tensions between mother and daughter never ran that high, and in the end she got her steak.)

An Italian pasta shape called “Vesuvio” tossed together with shelled peas, a few green beans, fresh basil, a little parmesan cream, and some shavings of parm.  Lots of black pepper.

Cider Hill’s field greens, gorgonzola dolce, a mango vinaigrette, bruschetta on the side.

Mango Vinaigrette? you ask

My eyes are often dazzled by pretty little bottles of vinegar on the shelves of stores like Joppa Fine Foods in Newburyport.  The color of A L’Olivier’s pulpy mango vinegar made me want to drink it straight from the bottle.

Also irresistible that day in Joppa were these cheeses, clockwise from top: the very runny Crottina from Vermont’s Blue Ledge Farm; Vermont Butter and Cheese’s pale yellow Cremont, made from a blend of cow and goat milks; and a glistening gorgonzola dolce from Italy.

There was cheese on the pizza too

Friday’s dough yielded two pizzas.

One, as you know, was made with lots of chunky caponata and a scattering of fresh mozzarella.

The second made use of a bunch of chard.  And a few strips of bacon, crisped up.  Caramelized onion.  And oh yes, a little more of the fresh cheese.

Caponata goes on the pizza and…

the ratatouille is served up with roast pork loin, first butterflied, them stuffed and rolled, the way my father used to make it.

Leftover corn from that roast pork dinner boosted the next night’s supper.  I cut it off the cob, toasted it until brown in a pan, and added lime juice, cilantro, scallions, one chopped jalapeno, and an avocado to make a side salsa.  So much green with a hint of golden yellow, how pretty.

And for dessert we have

More ice cream, the food the gods generously share with us mere mortals.  And every day I am properly thankful for that.  Thankful for peach puree ice cream

and also for rhubarb swirl ice cream…which tastes exactly like a nice tart rhubarb pie a la mode.


I added onions to this week’s batch of pickled beets and have enjoyed watching them turn a vivid magenta.

I tried a new quick pickle made with Kirby cucumbers, ginger slices, rice wine vinegar, sesame oil, and hot red pepper flakes.

Pick of the Produce

A few of Heron Pond Farm’s first new potatoes of the season

One of Cider Hill Farm’s first eggplants

I take no credit for these Thai Hot Peppers.  But they, and other varieties, are growing and thriving on our deck.  These ones will be red soon.

What awaits at the end of a very full week of cooking?  A flirty and refreshing Viognier, that’s what.  Grapes are produce too.

©2010  Jane Ward